On Losing My Job..

So – just over a week ago I lost my job.

The boss lady called me upstairs and told me that as I didn’t ‘fit in’ she would have to give me notice.    Just like that… Just before xmas….Just when I thought I was doing so well…Just when I thought I had made friends…   Funny thing life huh?

This event heralded a plunge into the darkness from which I am only just starting to creep out of.  Today is the first day I feel capable of writing about it anyway, which is good.  I am aided by my blessed/cursed SSRIs, which I started taking again when I felt in danger..

Not that the last couple of weeks have been all gloom though – I have made some good friends to warm my hands on, who assure me that I am the last person they would ever consider as not ‘fitting in’.  And one who claims that All New Zealanders Fit In…LOL!  Very sweet.  I have been taken out for afternoon tea, taken out for a beer, and generally stroked and made much off and told that it’s not my fault, so much so that I am starting to believe them.

The fact remains however that we are one income down and so life is going to be a little more challenging for a while to come.  Christmas will be a lot quieter that’s for sure.

For all this latest trouble we have had some great happenings since I last wrote.  My friend Julie’s visit was a treat and the day after she left it started to snow – properly.  And it didn’t really stop for a week or so after.  This is the first time I have lived in a place where it snows and stays – very exciting it all was.  There is still snow covering my back yard but rain has made it freeze and it is no longer light and fluffy.

I have tons of photos so I will start here..



Mr T and Julie on our night out for a curry




Past their prime - spotted on our walk up Cusop Dingle




Pumpkins out - Santa in.. Also on our walk..







My back yard - the first day of snow





8 thoughts on “On Losing My Job..

  1. katyboo1

    oh plop. How very dare they? Sounds like a totally made up excuse to me. Gah. Do you want me to put boss lady on my hit list? It’s quite long, but I reckon I could be with you by February.xxx

    1. watchthatcheese

      Plop is right! Yes, I do know for a fact that a good friend of theirs was asking for hours in the shop and although given some was complaining that it wasn’t enough to be worth her while. I was coming to the end of my three month trial, hence the very sudden rush to get rid of me, with no warning and free up some more hours. That’s my thoughts anyway.
      Boss lady on hit list – hmm, she is on several peoples hit lists now so I guess one more wouldn’t hurt, lol xxx Thank for the support 🙂

  2. Poor you – what an absolutely rotten thing for her to do to you, especially just before Christmas. By the sound of it, it probably was the friend who got the extra hours. The owner ought to be careful – the same thing happened to Don Vito Corleone when he was still Robert De Niro in The Godfather 2, and look what happened to him! So start building up your olive oil exportation business and providing ‘protection’, and then you can send the boys round…

  3. not “fitting in” what a load of bollocks … picket her shop.. SNOW how cool , photos look good…. the more i talk to kim and mike the more i want to have a winter christmas …..

  4. Kathy

    Hey sweetie, hmm you know what I said which I shant repeat here but still mean it!!! Snow is very cool but we hav’nt had any just the slippy ice.

    1. watchthatcheese

      Now that is a bummer, the slippy ice is the worst part of it all. Could really do without that.
      Still at least you have the sea where you live. I like a wintry sea

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