Most people I know have particular music that really does it for them.  Usually the attachment is related to something important that happened  and the music they were listening too at the time is linked to the memory and adds to the story.  For instance, and I have written about this before, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon will be forever linked in my memory with the suicide of my friend David because that is what I was listening to when I heard the news.  Not only does it bring back David to me but it brings back the people and places we both knew.

I can remember where I was the first time I listened to Led Zeppelin (in the lunch break at college) and the first time I heard Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (at my cousins house).  But the album that was to stand out for me and still means a great deal to me now I first heard when I was seventeen and living a ragamuffin life in a flat in Wellington.  Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  I had no idea what he was singing about, had to sit down with the cover and read the lyrics, but the moan, the slide, the  sheer dirty dark urgency and also poignancy of the songs rocked my young heart.

Still rocks my still tender, middle aged heart as well..

What brings on this rootling around in my musical past you might ask?

Just that this is going to be out in time for Christmas, and although it’s well expensive – I want… 😉

Do you know how much I would give to time travel back and be at this concert?