yes, it has been a while..

i think i am still here…

yes, that’s right, I am….

Hiya folks!  This is my two hundred and oneth post – it may not be any where near the best but it’s lucky to be here at all.  Myriad things have got in the way lately, not the least of all another go at some new anti-depressants.  Also lots more hours of work at the shop and suddenly everything starts piling up on top of each other in trembling heaps and my life lands jam faced down on the carpet.

I have managed to get through some of my birthday books – Connie Willis’s Doomsday Book being an absolute unputdownable dream of a read  (Pat if you are reading this – I think you would love it), I am just starting another one of hers – To Say Nothing of the Dog.  I have got through two Terry Pratchett’s – Johnny and the Dead and Only You Can Save Mankind, which I have read before but thoroughly enjoyed again.  Also two of the Bloomesbury Group reprints, Henriettas’s War and Henrietta Sees it Through by Joyce Dennys.  I really, really want to read all of these so called ‘lost novels’,  what a great idea to revive them all.

I have a new hair cut – v short, which I love,  sooo easy to look after, but that of course necessitated a purchase of a felt hat from work, to keep the cropped bonce warm.  I think it is a lot colder in Hay than in Swansea,  I quite like it as I get to wear all my favorite cold weather clothes and lots of new scarfs.

New Hair
New Hat

What I don’t like is that I am on my second bout of sickness since September and this flu has lasted a week already.  I was meant to be out with my Stitch and Bitch group tonight, yarn bombing for Halloween but instead I am on the sofa, typing this , taking photo’s of my head and staying warm and cozy.  I am supposed to go with a friend to Ikea in Cardiff tomorrow to buy some much needed shelving units for the flat and as well as that I am working both Saturday and Sunday and would like to be well for it.

The dear, kind people at work let me come home from work an hour early this afternoon as I was still feeling poorly.  In fact they were probably just pleased to see the back of my miserable, possibly infectious body.  I got in, tripped over the mail on the floor and discovered that my best blog buddy Katyboo and her mum Sue from Box of Misc had both sent me belated birthday gifts!!!  Talk about making my day.  A Persephone book from Kate and a rubber stamp from Sue with a Celtic design on it – I adore both of them, the gifts as well as the giftees.

Belated presents, book and stamp

Well – that is about if from me for today.  My head hurts when I cough, when I bend over, when I look up and I think it may need some analgesics.  In the mean time..

Stay cool till after school..


7 thoughts on “Title..

  1. Kathy

    Awh poorly Rozie 😦 hope you is lotsbetter soon, so nice for the chat earlier and I will get my hubby to give you a call tmrw.

    Love the new haircut, very swishy, and also the hat. It did get cold here now warmed up a bit and raining, just wish it would be cold and dry then you can just wrap up toasty.

    Speak to you tmrw and love you millions

    K xxxx

  2. Alice

    Rosie, thinking bout u lots and missing you. Love you heaps. When you read this just remember – there is no distance between hearts. Mmwah!!

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