In the last few days..

The road outside the electronics shop littered with potatoes.

Cavalier soldiers (both male and female) in bright red uniforms marching up the road banging drums.

The sweet, ale reek of Kilvert’s after Friday nights beer festival session.

Familiar call of the Town Crier

Cusop Dingle full of wind drop apples.

Breathing steam on the walk to work at 11am Sat morning.

The small thrill of finding gorgeous clothes in the charity shop – Oscar boiled wool jersey and black flecked, tweed, wide legged wool trousers.  Nothing like a bargain.

My birthday creeping nearer – excitement..

Joy at how the mundane chores of the day, going to the doctors, the chemist, foraging at the Co-Op can be so enlivened by bumping into a constant stream of friendly female faces and making plans for meet ups, coffee invitations or just nattering.


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