Sunday..12th Sept..Just a little catching up..

Arthur's Stone where King Arthur was supposed to have fought a giant - is actually a huge, ruined, Neolithic burial site. But pretty impressive none the less.

Once again I am just back from work  in the shop and once again I have sore feet and once again I am happy.  It has been a lovely couple of days.

On Sunday morning we packed ourselves in the car and we drove off for the mystery Sunday tour.  First we drove ten minutes down the road  to Arthur’s Stone – one of the many places in the British Isles where King Arthur was meant to have done something at.  In this case he was meant to  have fought a giant.  What it actually is is a neolithic barrow – an ancient grave mound where hundreds of people would have been buried.  It is just a pile of huge stones now and hasn’t been excavated yet.  We were the only people there apart from a man and his tiny son.  It was very quiet and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Next on the tour was meant to be the black and white village of Woebly but we went the wrong way fortunately and came across a rather wonderful place called Moccas Park National Nature Reserve – it is privately owned and you are supposed to get a permit to enter, but we sneaked in and sat awhile with the ancient oak trees.

Then it was off to Woebly for a wander, then on to Sunday lunch in a pub.  The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting yet another ancient church which has it’s own separate bell tower and is situated in yet another ancient village full of wonky black and white Tudor cottages.  A extremely pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

Visiting the oaks at Moccas Park

Bell tower

3 thoughts on “Sunday..12th Sept..Just a little catching up..

  1. Nice photos – but I have to say that any finds there might once have been around Arthur’s Stone will be long gone! Originally, the stones would have been covered with an earth mound – which has obviously disappeared over the centuries.

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