What’s happening?  Well – with one thing or another it’s been a interesting time for me.   Thanks to the crappy ‘anti-depressants’ I have spent quite a lot of time being a depressed, zombie person, just trying to get by.  I stopped taking them a week or so back and am now feeling fairly happy mood wise but I have the golden syrup tiredness that has settled over my body and brain and it takes a huge effort to move off a chair whenever I sit down.  So the answer is to not sit down.  Strangely, I don’t really mind, as long as my mood is ok and I can do my job, all is well..  It does mean that until I get some more energy back I will not be forcing myself to do anything I don’t strictly want to.  The inner critic has been getting a little too uppity lately..

Jule’s and Kath’s wedding went really well – just one of those perfect days, beautiful weather, beautiful setting (Sketty Hall in Swansea) and beautiful bride.  I was so pleased for them.  We have some photos that are not that great but you will get the gist..

Julian and I at the Queens in Swansea (lovely, warm evening) the wedding eve.
The bridegroom and some of 'his boys' outside The Queens, wedding eve.
The best man showing off her new purple tights
Getting our photos done before the wedding

To be continued..

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  1. katyboo1

    You are rockin’ those tights madam. You look lovely, and if I ever have a best man, you are top of the list. Glad to hear that your mood is a bit more chipper. Enjoy the peace and shoot your inner critic.xxx

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