All Day in a Clothes Shop..

I am just back from work at Number Two.  All day in a clothes shop and I have sore feet.  Feeling very peaceful though – it’s not a particularly stressful job (or it could be my new SSRIs kicking in  😉  ).  I worked part of the day in the interiors section of the shop, down in the basement.  At one point I sold a giant, cable knitted, cream, soft wool throw.  Could not believe it was only retailing at ninety nine pounds – all that wool and the manufacturing.  Made in India of course.  It was beautiful, but it is no wonder that our craftspeople find it difficult..

My boss has asked me to do more hours in the shop on a permanent basis, so I will not need to take on another job at the supermarket – yay!  I am really pleased.  She rang me last night and then confirmed it today – I will stay just a boutique babe.

One of the perks of the job is that any clothes we want to buy we can take  home to wear while we are paying them off and we get a discount – could be very dangerous.  I already have a lovely, long, pocketed, blue cord pinafore which came home with me today and I will wear to work on Monday.

It is so much better for my mental health to be working and out there with other people.  Working in a not too stressful place that is.

Tude and I both have the day off tomorrow which will be luxury.  He says he has a surprise outing for us to go on so am looking forward to that.

Life is good 🙂

Hope it is for you too..

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