What’s happening..

I have sold my ipod (which I never used) and have just bought a Janome 3822 sewing machine,- after much agonizing and web searching I might add.  Of course the problem with over-thinking is that you finally get sick of the whole business and just plump for the next one you come across, which may not be wise.  Soooo, hopefully I have chosen a good un, and it does have a 5 year guarantee.   Owls will once more be flying from my needle.  And I have a bag pattern to make up as well – it is very exciting.

I have totally been enjoying my new job.  It is so much fun watching people try things on and buy stuff they love.  They are usually in a good mood and love our shops – just as I do.  I have also applied for a part time job at the local Co-op supermarket and if I get it I will become a checkout chick as well as a boutique babe!  With the money I will be able to support my habits of book buying, yarn purchasing and real ale drinking (not all at once), so I can spend our darkening evenings doing the things I love.

Our possessions have arrived and I am very thankful that we managed to shed so much before we left – I just do not know where we would have put it all.  As it is my studio is rather packed and until we pay a little visit to Ikea, will have to stay like that.  Some new shelves, bookcases and chests of drawer will help us sort out the mess a bit.

I am still loving our little town.  I meet more and more people all the time and because I have a very poor memory I find myself searching madly in the depths for someones name quite often.  Will have to try harder.  Usually I remember by relating their name to someone or something else that I already know – it is just that I forget to do it.

In my book pile at the moment is  A.M.Homes’s This Book Will Save Your Life, which is one of the finest titles I’ve come across and such a good read that I am finding hard not to pick it up and start to read instead of writing this and Sally Vickers’s Dancing Backwards, which I am enjoying – but not quite as much as her Miss Garnet’s Angel.  I am also dipping into and enjoying Rachel McAlpine’s Scarlet Heels 26 Stories About Sex.  Rachel is the mother of one of my best friends and a damned good writer.  She is also from New Zealand and her stories are permeated by a sense of that place.

Yew berry, just about all of the Yew tree is poisonous including the seed inside the berry, but the berry itself is apparently yummy. I couldn't get Tude to try one though!
One of the photos of Kilpeck church which we visited a few weeks ago. A must see if you visit our neck of the woods, it has the most entertaining carvings around the doorway and all around the roof line
Sheela-na-gig at Kilpeck church
I like this one - a bit Disney cartoon like
Green man at Kilpeck
Door post