We have been out and about again.  This last weekend was a long one, although Tude worked Saturday as usual – he had Sunday and Monday off, and we had a lovely time mooching about and visiting places.   In fact I have just had a quick count up and realized that on Sunday we visited five churches!  Not bad for complete pagans huh?

The thing is, I just love the churches here – ancient and peaceful and reeking of history, they are just marvelous.  Most of the ones we visited were way out in the countryside and we had them to ourselves.  Several had particular features that attracted us – one because it had a half timbered bell tower, one because it was the site of a fierce battle between the Welsh and the English and you can see the burial mound with trees planted on it where hundreds of the dead were buried.

The other point of interest for us were the Yew trees in the church yards.  One of them claims to be five thousand years old!

Bad weather coming in..
Church at Pilleth where on Midsummers day in 1402 the Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr's troops won against the English.
Me trying to imagine the battle in full flight but failing because it was such a beautiful and peaceful spot.
Half timbered church at Casgob - where we met our first Yew tree
Yew tree at the church in Discoed dated to around 5000 years old
An ancient, noble entity with a friend

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  1. Wow! Pilleth – the other great longbow battle! (along with Agincourt – seriously). The Welsh were near the top of the hill with the English advancing from the bottom – which meant the Welsh arrows flew further, and hit the English troops before the English archers were in range. There was a rather clever flanking manouvre as well, which put the English to flight.

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