A Mixed Bag..

I am sitting at the table in my studio/spare bedroom, watching it rain and listening to it plopping on the roof.  It’s very calming.  I was smelling the rain too, for a while – until it got too cold.  That’s something I had forgotten about the UK, you really know when autumn starts.  It’s ok though – I like the cooler weather and to be honest, there was something faintly creepy about all that lovely, sunny weather we have been having, like it twernt natural somehow.

My darling sewing machine has turned into a monster, it was going ok until I changed the cotton on the bobbin and now every time I have tried to use it the cotton jams and tangles, snarls at me until I am in despair.  It’s possibly my fault – but who’s to know?  I have heard that it cost 60 pounds to get it serviced – more that the machine cost..

So the owls and bags and everything else I want to make are sitting there in their raw state – I try not to think about it too much because it infuriates me,  I have spent so many hours trying to get the %&**£@@(*^^%% ** thing to work!

As soon as I get the funds I will buy a NEW ONE – and won’t that be grand – with all its accessories and a warranty and all that wonderful stuff.  Something to look forward too.

Another thing to look forward to is our tea chests arriving next week, YAY!!!!  Wednesday, according to the cheerful man from Cardiff, who is lucky that he was in Cardiff because I would have given him a GREAT BIG KISS  😉  I never thought I’d say it but I MISS MY STUFF.   I just can’t wait to get my hands on all my craft stuff – yarn and fleece and fabric.  Oh, it’s going to be fun!

And, of course, I haven’t told most of you yet,  I start my new job next week.  It’s only a little job, a full day Saturday and a half day every second Sunday but that is maybe all I can deal with at the moment.   It is in a clothes shop called Number 2, and it’s sister shop a little bit further down the road called Number 2 For Shoes – sooo heaven…  Both of these shops were my among my favourite haunts when we used to come to Hay on holidays – they sell clothes and shoes to die for – really.  I like the bosses and the women who work there so it should be fine.

Hay is rammed with tourists  – summer holidays of course.  It is really lovely living here and not just being on a visit – busy streets  at the moment but whenever it rains they mostly disappear, in case they melt, and you get a taste of how quiet it will be come winter.  I think I will enjoy the contrasting states.

We climbed half way up Lord Hereford’s Knob on Sunday – have some photos for you..

On the way up..
What I found on the way up
Going down
The Black Mountain
Out my studio window today

One thought on “A Mixed Bag..

  1. Kathy

    I take it Lord Hereford didn’t mind you climbing it then?!

    I think Juls would enjoy the climb but wouldn’t like what you found up there!!

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