Yum, fat….

from The Happy Eater by Jay Rayner

“I can’t think of any proper food without fat in it.  At a push, I would even consider eating myself.” and

“There is to me no sadder sight than a plate of roasted meat from which its owner has systematically excised every trace of glistening fat, the unwanted bronzed skin piled up on the rim like the debris left at the side of a motorway after a nasty car crash.  There is always a pinched expression that goes with this process, the look of someone who has the stench of something unspeakable in their nostrils, I want to shout”you idiot” and chuck my knife in, give those exquisite, slippery pieces the love they deserve.”    and this..

“Is fat always pretty?  No, but then the best food isn’t. Its virtues, like a proper layer of fat, go far deeper than mere aesthetics,  Which, as it happens, is another reason why I think I’d make for good eating.”

This article is from the Observer Food Monthly and I loved it, tongue in cheek, passionate and hilarious.  You can read the rest here. Other articles in the series are worth a read too – I particularly liked last Sundays regarding overeating.

I’m off now to eat some scrambled eggs cooked in butter, mmmm



One thought on “Yum, fat….

  1. Well, I have to own up to the fact that I’m one of those people who cuts off all the fat on their meat – always have done, always will be. I don’t care if that’s where all the flavour is, I have a texture problem with it and you just won’t get me to eat it, no matter what!

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