It has been bought to my attention that I have missed my own anniversary.

I started this blog on the 6th of August last year, and a hellova lot has happened since.  In fact it seems far longer than a year ago.

The blog I started partly in homage to our dogs, now finds us dogless – that was totally unexpected but  I have met many lovely people through writing it.

I have moved house and moved country and of course – taken myself with me.  I think I am a little wiser, but that could be bollocks 😉

Thank you all for reading and commenting and making me feel like I’m not really speaking into the dark…

Anyway – in celebration, here is a gratuitous photo of something I made to cheer me up.

Cheers everyone!


10 thoughts on “

  1. sue

    Tena Koe,

    life is never dull and isnt it great to have it!

    did you name your owl Hooters?

    Kia Kaha.
    Aunty Sue

    1. watchthatcheese

      Oh yes – life is never dull. But actually, sometimes, it is because boredom is part of life. But boredom can lead to interesting times..

  2. well done … if you had not started your blog i would not have started mine and i would not have got into blog surfing…. i find the reasons that i started mine are difference than why i write it now ……thank mate , don’t stop..

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