Today has been one of those holding pattern days, just getting done what I need to do to make me feel like I am not a complete waste of space.  So the washing has been done and some emails got writ and some veggie dhal and coconut rotis got made for tea later.   That is about the extent of my energy level at the moment. The rest can wait..

I have had some great things happen over the weekend.  Firstly we visited Swansea, which is about an hour away from Hay, and stayed the night with our good friends Kath and Julian – it was so good to see them again.  We all went out for dinner and drank too much good beer and generally had a wonderful time.  Julian and Kath are getting married in September and Julian asked me on Saturday night to be his best man/woman!  How amazing is that?!   Jules and I have known each other since 2003 when we first came to the UK.  We worked together at the old Swansea Maritime Museum and got on so well that we have remained good friends (and No.1 drinking buddies) ever since.  All of Jule’s male mates have, for one reason or another, been unable to take on the best man job, so the honour has been bestowed on me, hee,hee 🙂  And I do know it is pretty weird – to have a female best man, but neither Jules, or I could ever be considered conventional, so what the hay.

Now I have to write a speech – bloody hell..

The other good thing to happen is that my blog friend Katy has emailed and asked me to make her three owls for her children.  Isn’t that cool?

And last, but not least was arriving home on Sunday and getting all your comments and emails regarding the previous post – you all made me cry and laugh and feel so much better – thank you , thank you , thank you..


5 thoughts on “

  1. katyboo1

    I am very excited about the owls. I have not told the children yet, so no pressure. My e-mail is playing up, so if you replied I didn’t get it. I shall try and get it fixed asap.xx

    How exciting being a best wo/man! Are you going to wear top hat and tails? xxx

  2. Kath

    Hee hee, we are so chuffed you said yes, it’s the perfect solution. Cant wait for the day now…please don’t go worrying about the speech, as long as you raise a glass we’re both happy, the main thing is that you are there with us being a crucial part of our day……blimey I’m welling up now so I have to stop!

    Love you loads and loads


  3. brian mathewson

    You’d look gorgeous in an Elizabethan costume with a HUGE codpiece, doesn’t have to be anything in it. be careful of the roles though, do it as a woman. Luv B

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