Should Really Be Called The Black Slug..

Hmm, so..

The reason I have not been posting so much lately is because I have been busy fielding attacks from the black dog (depression for those who do not get the imagery)   Sorry to those of you who have had the bother of  checking for non-existent new posts and thanks to those who have commented when I have managed to get one done.  You are all really kind and the reason that I am bothering at all 🙂

What’s been happening in my little corner of the world?  Well you will be pleased to know that I am beginning to make my self right at home here by replicating some of the conditions of my old home.  In particular I mean that I am once again starting a collection of broken china of which I mean to do something with one day.

For the last ten years or so I have carted, from one new home to another, huge plastic crates of ruined china and glass that my friend Julie and I have found and collected.  We kept meaning to have vast mosaic sessions and create wonderful things but the only time that we ever did get it together enough to start, a large, chilled bottle of chardonnay inserted itself into the picture and, of course nothing, apart from some brilliant conversation, ever came of it.  Every time I have gone overseas (three times, for extended periods) Julie has babysat the ceramic stash.   For my latest move however I gave her the stash and told her to keep it – Yay!  finally free of it!

Yeah – right..

My friend Louise who owns the shop Vintage Mercantile (website – Louise Loves)  here in Hay selling all sorts of vintage lovely objects has given me a shopping basket full of bits of new stash.  I could have said no..

The start of the stash


Our house is decorated all in white and I thought I was ok with it, but it turns out I am not..  Yesterday Tudor bought me home a blanket that he had picked up for a pound in a charity shop and although it is not right up my alley the burst of colour is – zounds I have missed it.  My poor depressed brain got such a zing from seeing it in the room when I came down this morning –  I might just pin it up on the wall.

Knitted blanket

Although I do love colour there is one thing that I could only have in my home if it was white – and Tudor bought me home one yesterday as a surprise –

White orchid

The main reason our home is still so colourless is that our stuff has still not arrived.  This is becoming a bit of a pain in the arse actually as  I have lots of craft stuff I could be using.  Next Friday our Stitch and Bitch group are having a felting morning and I was hoping that I would have to hand the wool roving I have stuffed into every crevice of our boxes, other wise I won’t have anything to felt. And I don’t have the money to buy more.

Also we could do with our decent pots, knives and carpets – patience, patience, deep breath..

I have been missing my kiwi pincushion I made for myself last year and so yesterday I made myself another , this time out of a granny square.  It was so much fun I think I will make a few more..  So I guess that is one good thing about the tardiness our our box delivery 🙂

The black dog has been interfering with my craft work a bit lately but I have managed to finish a few things..

Candlewick owl, I love him, he is so cute!
Granny square pin cushion
Granny pin cushion and the start of another
Experimental two button shawl

4 thoughts on “Should Really Be Called The Black Slug..

  1. brian mathewson

    Black Dog, Black Slug, Black Bitch, BEGONE. Leave my friends and me. Go to the nether regions and stay there. In the name of all we hold sacred, BEGONE. Luv B

  2. Kratey

    Honey – what a buggery bollocky bugger, bad luck. I hope you come back out on top sometime soon. Lots of hugs and kisses and extra good vibes. Lots of love K xx

  3. Kath

    Awh…my Rozie!! It was so so wonderful to have you here last night, I miss you. Thank you for agreeing to the boy’s request, we are both so happy.

    Love the little owl, so cute!

    K xxxxx

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