A Name for an Owl..

Busy, busy – but not to busy to show off my newest creation.  This is my first stuffed toy (really a toy for grownups) and is made from bits and pieces of unwanted fabrics, old doilies etc, that people have given me or I have found in charity shops.  She was a learning curve that’s for sure as I only went to trusty google after I had made lots of mistakes.  Such as – always, always pin your pieces together before both cutting and sewing! (which meant going out and buying pins as our boxes haven’t arrived yet).   And for gods sake CONCENTRATE! – and then you won’t sew the toes up the side or the ears around the wrong way.  Really this is a credit to my ability to unpick seams.  🙂

I also need to mention that the reason why she is a bit lumpy is because I don’t have any proper soft filling yet and so she is stuffed with socks and balls of wool – just so I could show her to you all.

Any suggestions for names (apart from fugly) gratefully accepted..

7 thoughts on “A Name for an Owl..

  1. Cute owl but I’m now ready for a new post! Louise said that you’re having a nose around hay tomorrow and then lunch. Maybe you could take your camera with you? Would love to see more of Hay.
    Gorgeous here in the Raps. The doors of the studio are wide open – life is good!

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