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Yes, I got plenty done yesterday, maybe too much as I had to stop crocheting at one stage because I was seeing double.

I was learning a new pattern, a fairly simple one but still.  I am making crocheted rounds to hang as bunting and on my third round I was just about finished when I noticed that it was remarkably smaller than the previous ones – and I couldn’t see why.  I unravelled most of it and did it again following the instructions closely.  Still too small.  I unravelled and redid again – too small.

I got up and did something else and after a think I decided that I must have picked up the wrong and smaller hook and been using that.  So I looked for the larger hook and couldn’t find it.   Right….  I looked at the round again.. looked at the instructions… and realised I had missed out part of a section.   Why?  Why did I not notice it before?!!!  I unravelled again and did it properly…FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!


I am drawing the line above to separate it from the rest of yesterday which was pretty bloody good actually.  I had been invited around to a new friends home  (her name is Emanation – isn’t that cool?) to talk crochet and that is what we did – and it was fabulous.  There is nothing quite like sharing your obsession with someone else.  She is much more knowledgeable than me but is well willing to share it – and she has an enviable collection of crocheting books.

Another friend of mine from New Zealand – Alison from Agnes Coy recommended a podcast to me called Cast On by Brenda Dayne.  Brenda is an American who now lives in Wales and her knitting podcast is just what I needed to add to my diet of Radio 4.  I am not a great knitter at all but I find it interesting anyway and love the music she plays.

2 thoughts on “Next Post

  1. I’ve never been able to crack how to crochet. Have tried so many times.

    So pleased to read that you’re out there meeting people. For me, that was the hardest part of moving to another country – tracking down people that you really click with. It’s hard work but certainly pays off in the end.

    Thank you for the mention. You have about 90 Cast On’s to catch up on so that should keep you busy for a while.

    Sigh – radio 4. Where would we be without it? On a Thursday in my studio I always catch up on The Archers Omnibus, Desert island Discs and The Classic Serial. Have you discovered BBC Radio 7 online yet? If you love readings, plays and stories then it’s a must.

    Happy crocheting and cheerio from this side of the world.

  2. brian mathewson

    Isn’t it a bugger when you keep doing the same stupid thing over and over and can’t figure out why. the news from Mud Puddle on the Marsh is RAIN, RAIn, RAin,Rain and more rain, growing seaweed in the paddocks right now, alpacas have grown water wings and Colleen and I have grown cold sores. Good news is Veteran’s Affairs are giving me extra money. Victoria is of on her next flight of fancy, a stick it up your nose, off the wall piece of domestic something. have figured out what I’m going to do and will post a photo when it is done (and if I can figure out how to do it). Colleen has been roped in to help with the book on the Crafty Latte group. Travel Well, B

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