Off to a bright start today.. It is pretty quiet though because my dear darling has gone off to start his new job.  And I get to start properly on my job.

I have set some goals today – production wise that is and will need to get started.  Firstly though, here is a post card showing a painting of my favorite local artist Jean Miller, a lady in her 80’s who has only started painting in the last 10 years.

Hay Bluff - oil on board

And here is my new pride and joy – a rather old (70’s?) Singer 760 Touch and Sew sewing machine, bought off Ebay.  Only problem is it didn’t come with any accessories so if anyone know anyone out there with some spare, let me know!

An oldie by a goodie - at least for now!

4 thoughts on “

  1. Oooo, what a lovely painter she is. Reminds me of Clarice Cliff pottery.

    I really wanted to say that I hope that you and your singer will be very happy. I’ve always used a singer and swear by them.
    Al x

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