So – after the last grumpy episode, it is back to the calm, happy blog post again, Yay!

Most of the problems are still the same but my attitude has changed.  Also I am not so damned tired today which helps a great deal.  At the time of my last post I had worked several very busy shifts at my new job in the pub and was still completely shattered.  As we all know most problems look worse when you are tired hence the gloom.

However, I worked Wednesday night which was a lot quieter than the weekend shifts and managed to get through alright.  I am now girding my loins for work tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night.  At least I will know what to expect.  I do enjoy it, although like all new jobs it certainly takes it out of you.

Tude has a new job which he starts on the 19th, so not quite as long a wait as we thought and yesterday we took the wee car to Hereford, so it is still drivable and went well.  It is at the doctors today to have it’s wheelie parts looked at.

In other good news, we saw a card in a shop window the other day advertising a washing machine for 25 pounds and a small freezer for 15 (we only have a little fridge), so Tude is off to check them out this afternoon.


I went along to the Stitch and Bitch at The Swan last night and it was great.  Lovely people, I just felt a bit embarrassed as they were having a stash swap and I didn’t have a stash to bring along (said stash being in transit still).  Nevertheless I ended up walking home with two bags of fabric remnants, a new knitting needle roll and a crochet hook roll – generous people as well as lovely.  Leslie from Life in Hay Blog who introduced me to the Stitch and Bitch gave a demonstration of back strap loom weaving and told us some of the history of the technique which was fascinating.  In this type of weaving the width of the cloth is limited to how far the weaver can reach to pass the shuttle.  So when you see a viking ship with sails that look like they are made of patches that is because they are woven on a back strap loom and the pieces sewn together.


We have had glorious weather in Hay for the last few weeks, it has been so hot and I completely did not expect it.  I have been in the charity shops buying summer clothes and sandals as, pessimistic, I packed mostly cold weather clothes.  Last night was the first proper rain that we have had since we came to the UK and it was most welcome.  I opened the bedroom window late last night to admire the rain, the wind was making a ‘whoo, whoo’ whine up the street and everything was wet and glistening and it was a little taste of the winter to come, could just imagine some blowing snow..

5 thoughts on “

  1. I love Hay-on-Wye, but I didn’t know that they had other weather than rain. Only joking! I have only ever been in the winter. Glad that things are working out, albeit slowly.

    1. watchthatcheese

      Welcome and thanks for your comment. Yes, I know what you mean, just about every time we visited before we moved here it was grey and/or raining. In fact one memorable day it was snowing, which was lovely.

  2. katyboo1

    Am so glad things are working out. I hope the white goods turn out to be just what you want and the car gets well again cheaply and quickly.x

  3. Victoria

    Hi beautiful, havent stoped smileing since I talked to you.Your photos of the cottage and the front door are charming. We all niss you heaps, but at least we can live vicarusly (spelling lol) through you, I would love to see the bats. Poll is sound asleep on the couch and Rick is watching band of brothers on DVD, all is good in the world……untell next Sunday

    1. watchthatcheese

      Oh yes – it was really great to talk to you too. Can’t wait till you guys visit us but until then I look forward to Skyping you next Sun!

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