A Little Rain Must Fall…

**Warning – do not read on if you cannot be bothered with the grumpy bits of others lives.  On the other hand – It could just make you feel a lot better**

So all my optimisim regarding phone line and internet connection was misplaced.. Having rung Sky yesterday to check what time the installer was coming today I was informed that until I had sent in a direct debit form there would be no connection!   Hells Blood!!!

I was annoyed to say the least and may have sounded a tad stern to the poor person on the phone – but really!!!!!  We had organized the connection the week before last and no one mentioned said direct debit form at the time, let alone contacted me re mobile or email to let me know that there would be no service until said form was forthcoming.

So if you were hoping for a phone call from me anytime soon, don’t hold your breath.


Tude’s job which was to have started yesterday has been put on hold.  He rang the company last week to check on a detail and was told by the senior manager that the junior manager who had hired Tude had made a error and there would be no start date for a month to six weeks.  So – lucky Tude didn’t drive in to start work yesterday morning then…


The car that we bought last week has developed a strange noise when you turn right to go around a tight corner – car was very cheap but we had thought we might just get away with a month or two before it started to crap out!  It is booked in to see the car doctor tomorrow morning.


Although I have the worlds most scrummy dentist and he is a NHS dentist, which means he should be somewhat cheaper that private – the work that needs doing (namely a new, false front tooth) cannot be done on the NHS so is going to cost three hundred and something pounds.   Luckily I am allowed to pay it off otherwise I would be gappy for a hellover lot longer!


Now – that was a good moan.  This blog post will be one of the very few that will be posted under the category – Things That Piss Me Off.  And it will have it’s own post so as not to contaminate the other less annoying subjects

6 thoughts on “A Little Rain Must Fall…

  1. katyboo1

    I can totally understand why you are pissed off, and as misery loves company and I am rather miserable I am glad to share your pain. Sorry that you had to go through it, but glad to share it.xxxx

    1. watchthatcheese

      Don’t know about the local diety – more that along with good things there has to be the bad, otherwise you couldn’t appreciate the good as much, huh?

  2. Yvonne Davy

    Sorry about all your stuff, it was all going so well. Anyway I got your number and will contact you when I settle into the uk, Love you xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. watchthatcheese

      Thanks darl, yes but you’ve got to expect a little rain and we will be seeing you soon – so that will be a whole burst of sunlight!

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