Last Weeks Post..

Hay clock tower on the way back from our walk

****This post and photos were created last week but the Globe’s wifi gave up the ghost before I could finish it and so I am posting it now****

Just a quick catch up – I am starting work this evening and will probably be working for the next four-five days.  On top of that we have taken possession of our car so will be out and about in my spare time.  So if you don’t hear from me for a while you will know why.  Can’t wait till our internet is connected next Tuesday!

A few more pics –

We have a pub at both ends of our street - Kilvert's where I work is at the top end and this one is at the bottom
Shop window
Our door

As some of you know, our front door opens directly onto the pavement and we needed some sort of curtain to stop prying eyes.  I am not a big fan of net curtains, unless they are the hideously expensive real lace job and that wasn’t going to happen so I made my own.  Now you may not like it but we do and any blame and all praise to my good friend Vicki for introducing me to the art of plastic fusing, using old carrier bags, bits of string, and all manner of bits and bobs.  It was great fun to make and looks really good with the light behind it.