The Process of Settling..

I have been coming so often to The Globe, to drink coffee and use their wireless connection that they have given me a ‘friend of the Globe’ card which entitles me to 20% off – score!  They won’t see me quite so often next week however, when our broadband and phone get set up.  Also I start work at Kilvert’s this weekend so will be a hellofer lot busier  😉

We get our new car tomorrow so will spend Friday zooming about and visiting and doing some of the things we can’t do without wheels.  Maybe get some compost and plants in and start some vege pots.

I visited my new National Health Service dentist this week with the result that I will have a false front tooth sometime next week – thank heavens.  I am a bit fed up with being gappy.  My dentist’s name is Nick and I am madly in love with him, he is just the coolest – makes me laugh even with a drill in my mouth.  Came all the way to Hay to meet a great dentist, I knew there was a reason 🙂

Our summer solstice walk the other night saw us down at the river, a huge half moon reflected and a surprise encounter with one of our favorite British mammals, the bat.  We walked the same way last night and Tude spent some time trying to photograph them with spectacular lack of success, they are so tiny and sooo quick.  There are masses of them though and it is possible to walk just about the whole of the river path with them flitting overhead – magical.

A blurry bat
Swan's with babies!
The river walk - when it's getting dark you can just imagine the Tolkian's Black Riders appearing at the end of the tunnel of trees - spookey.
Up the Wye

6 thoughts on “The Process of Settling..

    1. watchthatcheese

      Tude has seen trout in it – a really big one too! When we go for walks in the evening you can see ripples in the water where the fish are feeding You will have to come and fish it.

  1. Great to read your news. You look so beautiful in the photo. Have just read out your posts to Gregor. He went a bit gooey when I showed him the countryside photos and your cute cottage. Love the inside of it. So, everything seems to be falling into place. Well done you for following your dream.:-)
    Love to you both from G and me x

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