Happy Summer/Winter Solstice!

Yes it is today and what a pearler it has turned out to be, hot and sunny, very appropriate.  I have felt like I have been celebrating all day, and have noticed as I have been around town that other people know it is the solstice as well, which is lovely.  Tonight we will go for a walk in the country and enjoy the long light,  Tude has found a walk that takes in squirrels so that should be fun. It will be my first sight of them since I got back.

Several new happening in our world –  Tude’s bus driving job is now to start next Monday, full time 47 hours a week.  He is pleased as was getting a little anxious about it all.  It is a beautiful part of the world to be driving a bus around in that’s for sure.  The other news is that we have bought a little car from some new Hay friends.  This has been great because not only was it cheaper than we expected but also we didn’t have to catch buses and walk all around the countryside to try and find one to buy.  Tude will now be able to get to work without as much hassle.

Friday nights concert at the Globe was absolutely amazing.  We came along to see Sild, a Welsh/Estonian folk duo and they were fantastic but also they bought along with them a young Canadian friend who played the harp and I was honestly blown away – what a sound!  This Friday is a Scottish folk group so here is hoping they are as good,  I have seen one of their videos on youtube and it was really good.

That’s about it for now – here is a few more piccies..

The girl with the tree coming out of her head..
Lounge from the kitchen - should have turned the light on..
Just finished making a Summer Solstice necklace 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Summer/Winter Solstice!

    1. watchthatcheese

      As you know from last night I hadn’t read this comment then but I turned up anyway! Lovely to meet you and the others and looking forward to getting together again.

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