Hi from Hay

Where to start?

So much has happened since my last post.  Blogging has been difficult in the last couple of weeks – no proper internet connection and since Monday when we arrived in Hay on Wye we have had to use the local cafes which limit time.  I have just discovered the library has a free hour-long session so rushed in to type up this.

My big news is that we are now no longer going to be living in Swansea.. we are now (or from tomorrow) officially residents of Hay on Wye!!!!!!

The exclamation marks do not go near how excited I have been this last day or two, particularly this morning when we found out that we have the cottage.  We weren’t supposed to be looking for a place here as we had settled for Swansea, but unbeknownst to me, Mr T has been wandering the Hay streets looking for to let signs.  And he found one.. .which he was not going to tell me about but, as usual he couldn’t keep it to himself 🙂   He went and looked at it and came back and told me it was nice a little two bedroom cottage in the old part of town, newly renovated and just what we wanted.  We spent a day tossing up whether to go for it or not and in the end I just had to.. after all it is what I have been asking for all along, so we put the application form in yesterday and this morning we met the landlady at the house (she’s lovely) and it was a signed deal.  Just a little matter of contacting the Swansea landlady and telling her very apologetically that we were following our dream (she was very good about it) and there we are… OMG!! 

To top it all I have an interview tomorrow morning at the pub down the road who are looking for staff.  Would be so good if I could get in there. 

Now there is the little matter of furnishing the house – a blow up air bed for a start, and we are off to Hereford tomorrow afternoon to visit the furniture charity shop who deliver.

I am very much looking forward to our own internet connection as well, I have missed it a lot, although I have got more reading and crocheting done with out it!

Some of the highlights of my week so far (apart from getting the house) –

  • The utterly lovely people of Hay – so friendly and welcoming.
  • Finding out that Hay has its own posse of boy racers – making me feel right at home, as friends from the Wairarapa will know.
  • The market on Thursday – wonderful food and fresh produce
  • Discovering the new delicatessen in town
  • Feeding the robins at the back door and fending of the bully boy Jackdaws (I do think Jackdaws are beautiful though)
  • Finding that a blog buddy who writes the Hay Blog is our neighbour at the holiday cottage we are staying at.

I could go on and on really and will in future you can bet on that! 

Hope you are all well out there – will write again soon.

11 thoughts on “Hi from Hay

  1. sue

    never mind the hay I am having a wine on Wye.

    May you read heaps of great books
    enjoy special memories of down under,
    while the bird of paradise stays up your nose!
    (I have only had a 1/2 glass)

    photos please.


    Aunty Sue and Uncle Mike.

  2. Yvonne Davy

    Hi my friend,
    lovely to hear all the good stuff thats happening with you. if you want to ask your mum to send me up your jewellry roll I will bring it over for you, good luck with the job, missing you xxx

  3. Am typing this on me new Sony laptop! It’s rather posh I can tell you!
    Thank you for your email. I’ll reply soon but your email is on the old laptop at the moment.
    Have to say that I’m thrilled to bits that you are now living in HonW. Those dream that we have do become real if we want them badly enough I’m certain of it. Gawd bless Mr T for sneaking down back streets looking for To Let signs. What a bloke!
    Brought another chicken yesterday (called Mrs Mountshaft). By 5.30pm it had gone AWOL. Printed out some ‘Have you seen my chicken’ flyers and have popped them into peoples mailboxes!!
    Have just heard on the TV that it’s almost Wimbledon – hooray! Some decent telly for once!
    Happy Hay on Wye – am so envious!
    Al xx

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