Still on a high..

About houses..

We only saw one other house before finding the one we are moving into next weekend, and what a doozy it was!  We were attracted to it because it was not far from town and in an area we know.  It was cheap and according to the newspaper ad, newly renovated.  So we rang and made an appointment to meet the landlord there.  The first impression was not good –  a large pile of smelly, black bin bags out the front.  Entered house to be greeted by the welcoming stench of mold and pee (human, I think).  Definitely not renovated, light fittings hanging by wires, in short – bloody horrible.  Couldn’t wait to get out and past the queue of prospective tenants.

Our new flat is exactly the opposite, light, clean, fresh paint and good furnishings – I’m happy as a sand boy.  Really nice land people as well.


I am famous for leaving things behind in other people’s places.  Almost guaranteed to forget something.  Usually it is not important but occasionally it is – like my purse, or medication.  This time I thought I had cracked it – this time I thought I had got out of the country with everything in tact.  That is until I started doing a mad search for my jewellery roll the other night.. and really couldn’t find it.  It took till the next day for me to remember that I had put it and a bag containing £50 worth of coins in the top drawer of the bedroom at my Mum’s.

And that is where they still are..

Fortunately I had bought a pair of earrings from Mrs Jones, who makes lovely jewelery, (see the post titled Fair Trade Jewelery),  I had her post them to my friend Julian’s house in Swansea so that I had a little something to look forward to when I got here.   The are really cool – so pleased with them.  I have worn them everyday.

Another little bonus when we got here was finding out that Julian had kept the large bottle of expensive men’s  cologne that I had given Mr T for his birthday before we left here two years ago.  It had slipped out of his bag onto the floor of the car that Julian was taking us to the airport in.


Last night was the first night we have spent the whole evening in the apartment –  either we have been sleeping or out in the pub/eating.  So it was a pleasure to just lounge and check out the telly and it was brilliant..  We had forgotten just how good British t.v. can be.  You Brits may not think so, but for us from little, old NZ it is fantastic.  Here is a list of what I wanted to watch last night..

  • Wallender
  • Have I Got News For You
  • Morse
  • Spring Watch
  • The Art of Russia
  • You Have Been Watching

All of the above were on free view and most over lapped forcing me to make several hard choices.  You Have Been Watching was a must view as it was the last of the series and  I am a mad keen fan of Charlie Brooker.  It was so well worth it. Charlie makes me laugh in his Guardian column  and I was very pleased to find that he makes be really laugh in person – he is so inventive at slagging telly programs off!  The review of the American make over program The Swan, in particular, was brilliant.