Well we are here, in fact this is our third day here and it is feeling good!

The trip over went without a hitch.  All easy and no problems.  Even managed to get two seats together on their own on both legs of the flight.  Still it was a bit of a killer though – 48 hours with no sleep, when I crashed I really crashed.  Got to Swansea after our friends Jules and Kath picked us up from Heathrow (lovely, lovely people) and finally got to bed in our Swansea Marina apartment at 4pm, supposedly for a hour or two kip before meeting up for dinner.   Next thing I know I was woken by Tude at 10pm and then, after staring at him like he was a crazy person when he suggested I get up, I passed out and woke at 5am.  Spent the rest of the day in a daze and am still suffering a bit today and finding composing this and typing a bit of a challenge – mostly I am just really, really happy to be here again.

Last evening was spent at our fave pub The Queens, sampling the truly wonderful British beers with Jules and Kath, and then having our first curry, oh yum, I have so missed it all.

I am dying  to post some photos to show you all the beautiful Swansea bay.  The weather has turned into proper summer and it’s gorgeous.  We have taken a two bedroom flat on the hill above the city looking out over the sea and will move in when we get back from Hay on Wye at the end of next week.  The lease is only for six months, till we find our feet.  It feels good to have somewhere to base ourselves,  there is so much to look forward to!

I am in an internet cafe in the city typing this and will have to get going  – promised myself a spot of charity shop perusing.  Cheers all!