Tick List..

  • Bags packed (pretty much).
  • Clothes laundered
  • Money sorted – exchange rate a hell of a lot better than the first time we went to the UK. Then it was 3.4 Kiwi to the pound!!
  • Car sold.
  • All friends farewelled.  Family dinner tonight with Mum, my brother and my two nephews.
  • Lift to airport organised with my bro on his way to work.
  • Reading material selected, ipod charged.
  • Weather sorted.  It has been raining all week since we got down to Wellington, but is supposed to clear for tomorrow.
  • Mental equilibrium obtained (well mostly)

I have this sort of sick feeling in my stomach, excitement of course.  I love airport land.  I love the in-between worlds feel and the sense of everything being completely out of my control – sit back, enjoy the ride, and hope to hell no ones got a death wish.

This is my last post for the mean time, and from this beautiful land of the long white cloud.

Kia Kaha everyone, and I will be seeing you, Goddess willing.