This fascinating life..

I am back from my Mum’s – went for a visit to check her out and see how she is getting on.  We have our routine, she picks me up from the train and we have a cuppa. Then Chinese takeaway for dinner and later she watches Coronation St.  Only this time I told her that if I can put up with her rubbish TV then she can put up with mine – Grey’s Anatomy.  Important to me cos I don’t have Sky plus any more and can’t watch it when I get home.

We spend a lot of time together in front of the TV just chatting.  I got lots of crocheting done.  I had finished her sea foam curly scarf so was able to give it to her for her Mother’s Day present.  Which was very good because I had forgotten it was Mother’s Day – mainly because I don’t read the junk mail or watch TV ads.

And then it was home again on the train, which for a change wasn’t crowded, and I got to listen to my Sceptics guide to the Universe pod cast – I really do enjoy that.  My lovely husband picked me up from the station and I was met at home by a ecstatic cheese hound – all good.

We have been having an interesting time looking for a flat in the UK.  I advertised on the Gumtree website last week and so far we have had two replies – both from scammers!  I had read previously in the Guardian about people who reply to house wanted ads, saying that they have a property to let and taking a deposit before vanishing.  Usually the houses they are offering sound wonderful, everything you could wish for, and sure enough the places offered to us were way to good to be true.    These people get scared off when you ask for a land line number, house address details and tell them you want your friends to have a look at it for you – just like we did!! LOL!

What a way to live your life – trying to rip people off.  But then, they are probably very kind to their mothers 🙂

The Thief

One thought on “This fascinating life..

  1. as a card of confidence and hope you could call him a thief , but unlike the people on the net , his is also an act of bravery and courage.. a hard card to read

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