Happy Halloween..

I am celebrating  – Mr T’s birthday and Halloween/Samhain.  It is going to be busy today as I need to make some notes for a ceremony tonight, find a pumpkin to carve and find some of those long thin candles for people to light to remember their dead as part of the ritual.

I also need to put the finishing touches to a friend’s birthday present, walk the dog, have lunch out with Mr T, and go and see another friend at her shop.  SO – I need to get on.

Here is a link to my most favourite Wiccan sites for those who are interested

To all those in the Southern Hemisphere – Happy Samhain and to all those in the Northern – Happy Beltane!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween..

  1. And a happy Samhain to you too! Do you know, it never occurred to me that Hallowe’en would be in a different month on the other side of the world, but I suppose it’s the actual season that counts, not the name of the month. Interesting.

    1. watchthatcheese

      Yes indeed Mrs Jones – not much point in celebrating the beginning of winter at the beginning of summer, as it would be if I went by the Oct date. Not that the rest of the population pay much attention to stuff like that – officially all NZ seasonal celebrations are at the wrong time of year. Easter/Eostre in Autumn instead of spring – the winter solstice/yule in the middle of summer (they call it Christmas)

  2. making arrangements for the 22nd i will be there
    .. just need to know where .. when are you moving out of carterton? i’ll give you a call before hand… im on skype now …

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