The Great Emptying Begins..

Well – there we are then.  The man has just been to pick up our giant telly and give us some money – goodbye telly, I will miss you..  Tomorrow someone will come by to take possession of the sofa.

The plan, which has been in the making since November last year is gradually happening.  I think I must have been in denial about it all – just the packing, moving,  saying goodbye to stuff and people and places, is all stressful and up till last week when our possessions started to find their way to new homes, I had been quite apathetic about it all.

Now however I am starting to get a bit of energy and I can feel the excitement beginning to build.  It helps that we now have a plan for the first couple of weeks when we get to the U.K.  We have a week in a apartment on the marina where we can get over our jet lag,  buy a car and set about finding somewhere to live and work.  Then, the following week we head to Hay on Wye for five nights in a cottage, where we can relax.  Maybe look for a house, although I have been in touch with a Hay estate agent and apparently because we are unknowns, from out of the country, they would require 6 months rent in advance!  That is just not going to happen.  So we would need to find a private landlord/lady.

My friend Alison from Agnes Coy has set me up with an introduction to a lovely lady called Louise, who owns a really yummy shop in Hay on Wye.  We have been in touch and I am visiting her for a cuppa when I get there.  Isn’t that cool!!

So that is about that.. I am not prepared to go further into the future than that – there be dragons.  Except to say wherever we go I hope I can find a friendly craft group/ stitch and bitch to join up with..