Maybe Brave and Mad?..

I went to visit my Granny last week.  My birth Granny that is, my adoptive ones were both dead by the time I was born.  One of the neat things about being in touch with my birth family has been contact with two grandmothers.   Granny Hosking who I’ve just been to see is 98 and has found out she has cancer.  She is well at the moment and perky and quite impressed that she has a very rare form of the illness – a cut above the rest!

Anyway while I was visiting, she and my Auntie Liz presented me with my Great great Grandmother’s button box and another cigar box filled with sewing stuff – needles, old cards of hooks and eyes, fine crochet hooks, tape measures,  tiny sewing scissors and other bits and pieces.   I was over the moon!  The buttons are really cool and I spent some time the next day sorting through them.  And of course it is all coming with me on the great journey – which is now only SIX WEEKS AWAY!!

Family heirlooms  :-)

We are starting to pack up our house and get rid of everything we don’t want to take – and that is a load of stuff.  The aim is to whittle it all down to two suitcases to take on the plane and 3-4 boxes to ship over.  This will be interesting and somewhat of a challenge but has to be done.  So far reactions to our plans have included being told that we are very brave and also that we are very mad.  I think these comments say more about the people who made them 😉

Because I am looking at all the stuff we own and thinking what to take, I thought I would show you a few of my favourite things.  I love cards and buy them wherever I go, here is a couple from the collection..

First card is from here

Yes, indeed..
Ah yes, I know that feeling..

Card from

And lastly, a souvenir from the British Museum.  I know it’s a bit strange but I love it, just wish I could have afforded the mouth as well.  I wonder what Michelangelo would have thought?

David's Eye
David's Eye

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