In Which I Show my Ignorance of the Pronunciation of Quinoa, Shock!

Thanks to Nigel Slater, last nights main course went down a treat.  I had committed the sin of attempting to cook for a dinner party a recipe that I had not tried before (and then nearly trebling it to account for five people instead of two).  But fortunately, it was so simple that even I couldn’t cock it up.  A Stew of Mushrooms with Onions and Fennels Seeds will be made again in this household. (scroll down his article to find the recipe)

Another revelation was the accompaniment of quinoa (which I have been pronouncing qui-noa and that is apparently pronounced keen- wha) that my friend Yvonne bought along.  She cooked it in veg stock and it was yum.  I think I prefer it to rice.

Our craft group was a bit quieter today owing to the school holidays but we had some good nattering as usual.  I am in the process of making two spiral scarves, one for my Mum and the other for my friend Miriam who I am doing a swap with.  You would think that they would be enough to be getting on with but no,  I raced home this afternoon to make a brooch similar to one I had seen one of my craft group friends wearing.  It is using up an old piece of lace that I had which I loved but never thought I would find a use for.

Mum's scarf
Miriam's scarf - swapping for one she is making, fun.
New lace brooch

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