A Lovely Week With Lots Packed In It..

I am getting ready to welcome people for dinner so am having a list type day.  This just means that I have lots to do and a list is necessary to drive me along.

I need to catch you all up with some photos taken over the last week, starting with one from my friend Kate’s wedding last Easter Saturday.  She got married at Zealandia – what used to be called the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and a short walk of about ten minutes was needed to reach the spot where the deed was to be done.  Along the way was an area where Tuatara had been released and we were fortunate enough to spot one in his/her home (a hole in the bank).

So cool to see one in the wild!

Easter Monday saw us attending a lunch to celebrate my nephew’s engagement, that was good fun and great to have lots of us together. Especially as we are moving country soon.

And then Friday we landed on my Uncle Mike for his 64th birthday.  I had undone the first blokes scarf that I had made and re-crocheted it with three strands instead of four and with softer wool.  Much nicer – and he liked it, he is wearing it in the next photo, with you-know-who sitting next to him.   I’m pretty sure he would have worn it even if he’d hated it as it was fricking freezing that night!  By the way – he doesn’t normally look like a tramp, it is just that he has having a style makeover and is growing his hair long and a beard.

Cheers everyone! - hope your having a good day

Mike and Sue had been to WOMAD up in Hamilton and my darling Sue presented us with this lovely flag that she had bought for us there – specially to take overseas with us.   So if you are passing through our neck of the woods and spot it –  you’ll know you’ve found us!

We'll put it up so we don't get lost

4 thoughts on “A Lovely Week With Lots Packed In It..

    1. watchthatcheese

      No but – squirrels, bats, foxes, toads, badgers, otters etc, will more than make up for it 😉 And I love robins, wood peckers, nut hatches and all your other wonderful wild life. AND Doves..

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