Managed to make it to the craft group this morning but was feeling so crappy with this flu that I only lasted an hour and then buzzed off home again.  Pleased I went though, cos I was able to show off new scarf and Japanese craft book as well as welcoming my birth mother Phillipa and nephews partner Leela to the group.  They had been saying they would come along for ages so I was glad I made the effort and I could introduce them to everybody, not individually however, as our group has got pretty big now, must have been eighteen or so woman today, all making different stuff – I love it.

So, home now and back in lovely, cozy nightie and robe, on the sofa and soon to crochet and watch some t.v.  I would love this flu to be over – I have plans and it is getting in the way.

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  1. Kate

    Gorgeous scarf and veges!! Hope you are feeling fit and well in time to enjoy the wedding on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you. xxxx Kate PS. Could be a bit cold at our outside ceremony on Saturday…..

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