Well – it turned out to be nether old age or hormones that put me in such a mood yesterday.  I am officially sick, as in heavy cold, sore throat sort of sick.  😦    Mind I haven’t been ill for so long now I can hardly remember the last time, so mustn’t grumble 😉

It means that I am parked up on the sofa with the hound, watching t.v. and trying to crochet.  My multitasking ability appears to have been compromised as well however and I might just have to stick to one thing.

Yesterday I sewed my grannies together for the scarf but then decided it was not long enough and I have had to make a few more.  Also, in my flu befuddled brain I kept crocheting them together the wrong way so it took quite a long time and much grumpy muttering of bollocks, before it got done.

I am meant to be hosting a birthday lunch tomorrow so am hoping that I will be feeling a box of birds, you never know your luck..