Hooky, Hooky..

I am in a mood..  it’s a funny saying, reminds me of childhood as in ‘don’t go near Mum she’s in a mood!.

Not sure why I am in a mood, probably hormones again.  Anyway, I have two parties to go to tonight and don’t want to go to either, would rather stay home and crochet in front of the telly.  Does this mean I am getting old? Probably, or it is hormones.

I have finished the big, chunky scarf I am going to give to my Uncle for his birthday.  As my first effort it is a bit wonky but not too bad.  It was made with a size 10 hook and four strands of different coloured wools and sits solid on the neck.  I am a little proud of it.  I also love it because I started it on Thursday and finished it Friday so it gives that instant gratification buzz. However, the effort of making the chunky scarf has meant that I still haven’t sewn my granny square scarf together, so must get on to it.

My seventies crochet book has been a laugh.  It’s like the design ‘powers that be’, experienced a collective style lobotomy.  Godawfull colour and pattern combinations and the fibre used in almost every pattern is horrible, shiny, plasticy, acrylic  –   shudder.

It is interesting being a newbie at crochet and finding all these wonderful patterns and examples of work such as Attic 24s spiral cushion and Mrs Jones granny square cushion, and then finding  exactly the same thing in the seventies crochet book but in horrendous colours and made of enough nylon to make your hair stand on end and give you a nasty static shock.

Attic 24
Mrs Jones - has also done another lovely one but with white background
Mrs Jones - I am going to make one of these.
Mrs Jone's white version of the above (nearly finished)

Horrible crochet..

Sofa cover - enough said..
Exactly what sort of person makes these? Answers on the back of a postcard please..
Mmmm - I'd be hard pressed to stop my husband from weeing on that!

And last – but no where near least..

Oh yeah - stick some pom poms on it, that might help.. I'm a huge fan of the staw matting and plastic lamp too.