As the Light Fades..

So – right then..  Back again with photos this time. . Several things..

  • The tuis are back on the gum tree, yay!  When we first moved into this house back in April last year, the gum was flowering and loaded with tuis  supping the nectar.   They were noisy and fun to have around and I missed them when they flew off in summer to find new food.  This morning, while cleaning my teeth, I heard the familiar warble, and sure enough they are back.
Tui in a Gum
  • My granny squares are ready to be sewn together, I just need to make a couple more pompoms for the ends, I love pompoms.
Ready to sew

I have worn my charity shop green cardi once already – it has pockets, I love pockets.  I think my new scarf will go well with it.

Pockets, mmm

Japanese Anemones are going mad in my garden – everything is, tomatoes and cucumbers growing furiously, some of the roses having another burst.  The autumn is quite obviously here now, with acorns crunching under foot when Poll and I walk in the park and a proper, old-fashioned nip in the air.  Won’t be long now till we get our first frost.


It was, of course, the Autumn Equinox in this part of the world on the 20th of March.  That means you people over there in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating spring. And much welcome it is by the sound of it.

I would be hard pressed to say which is my favourite season – Autumn or Spring.  Both have a lot going for them.  Mr T says winter is his – he likes extreme weather, storms, torrential rain, snow – so do I, but there is something about the in between seasons, the smells and the colours that appeal more to me.

I roasted garlic and a butternut pumpkin this morning so I will be getting all seasonal and making soup for dinner tonight.  But for now it is back to the crocheting.

Happy Mabon/Ostara to you all.

art by Jane Brideson