Sleep needed – apply within..

For some reason last night my body decided that it did not want to go to sleep – for many hours. Consequently, I am knackered and have been so all day, WTF?  I am not used to this, normally I am a ‘head hits the pillow pass out’  kind of girl.  Possibly hormonal – I blame most everything on hormones, they are bastards after all.

So anyway – that’s my excuse for a list, finding it hard to put words together..

  • Thirteen squares made for scarf now – the end is in sight, and it’s going to have pompoms on it.
  • Craft group today was a blast, one of those days when everyone is funny and everyone laughing.  Also I sold one of my necklaces while I was there.
  • T is making me potato curry for dinner tonight. He is a good boy.
  • I am revamping my felt necklaces to sell on Etsy, about time.  Also a necessity as I am in need of a few more sheckles in the Pay Pal account to assuage my appetite for Japanese craft books.
  • The charity shop fairy tapped me with the wand today with the find of a Nicole Farhi bright green knitted cardy – with pockets!  So cool and coming to the UK with me.
  • Dug out a old crochet book from the seventies, bloody hell is all I have to say about it’s stylings – photos from that and my new cardy tomorrow.  I know you all can’t wait..
  • I’m off – QI is on the telly..

2 thoughts on “Sleep needed – apply within..

  1. You’re going to be so jealous – I’ve just receiving confirmation this afternoon that, after 2 years of being on the waiting list, I’ve finally got 2 tickets to be in the audience for a taping of QI!!! It’s on 21 May (though I don’t know when it’s being shown) and the studios are absolutely slap bang in the heart of central London, on the south bank of the Thames, halfway between the London Eye and Tate Modern. So exciting! I wonder if I can take any photos while I’m there, bet I can’t……

    1. watchthatcheese

      You are right – I am jealous! You lucky, lucky thing you! I am going to put my name down as soon as I get over there and have a address (for next year now I think) Isn’t it great that tickets are free?

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