Fry, Squares, Bread and a Laugh..

As some of you may know, I make my own bread.  Well, I have been taking a few weeks off the bread making lately and eating the shop type and what a load of blah it is.  Sorry – but it’s true, I have paid for my laziness.

I got back into it yesterday and made a couple of loaves consisting of whole meal, oats, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.   OMGoddess – how good it was.  I had it today for lunch –  toasted bread, a fat, warm tomato straight from the plant, with a garlic and avocado dressing, sheeit!  A little bit of heaven.. (if I say so myself :-))

It feels like time is starting to speed up now, probably because Mr T is so busy doing lots of chimneys and I am doing the usual, except now I am office person as well, the weeks are starting to flick by. The start of packing looms..

I have seven squares done for my scarf and am frustrated that I haven’t done more.  There is so much I want to make, and so many free patterns on the net to choose from.  I am getting ahead of myself a bit..

Another wonderful discovery this week – the British programme Q.I. has started on Prime.  It is probably my most favourite programme in the world and has one of my most favourite humans on it – Stephan Fry.  Knowledge stuff, comedy stuff and rude stuff all in one go – what’s not to like?

Talking about comedy, thought you might enjoy this little video.  Like the man says, it is very much a British thing the old Out Out.  And I am looking forward to doing it.