In Which I am Entoothed and Crocheted..

Well, I am toothed again.

Yesterday was lovely – apart from having to go to the dentist.  I had been invited to my birth mother Phillipa’s  for lunch along with our friend Yvonne.  That part was lovely, good company, yummy quiche and caramalised onions to go with it.  The part that I had to get my tooth fixed was not so good, but Yvonne came along to support me and surprisingly it made me feel a lot better to have her out in the waiting room.

Anyway – the dentist says he won’t stick my tooth in a third time so I don’t know what I will do if it falls out again.  Will worry about it when it happens and in the mean time eat gingerly!

I have crocheted three squares now towards my long, thin scarf and am hoping to do some more as soon as I have finished typing this.  Last night T was so tired he went to bed really early – leaving me to listen to BBC Radio 4 programmes off the web and crochet quietly into the night  🙂  Tonight will probably be the same.

Popped into the charity shop on my way home from craft group this morn and couldn’t resist a few items – I do know I am not meant to be collecting, I know, I know – but you know how it is!

Beginnings of scarf
About two metres of mad vintage fabric - smells vintage too, as if it has been stored in a wardrobe for forty years!
Sweet little tapa cloth