Blanket Fashion..

This post is about two of my most favourite things in life – beds and charity shops.

I was inspired to take some photos of our bed after seeing a similar post on my lovely friend Katyboo1’s blog, and then combine it with a couple of my most amazing charity shop finds.

Five years ago, in a little shop in the town of Pontardawe, Sth Wales, I was having a fossick and came across two crocheted blankets.  They were all parcelled up in clear plastic and when I pulled them out I found they were huge, at least large enough for a queen sized bed, and edged around on three sides by a fringe – £5 each!!!

Now I don’t know about you but I have two completely different style queens living within me.  One loves clean clear lines, minimal, muted colour and no clutter.  The other loves masses of bright, vibrant colour, lots of neat stuff covering every surface.   As you can see from these photos, at the moment the colour fiend is winning.

Soon however, I will be clearing lots of stuff out and paring all possesions down to the minimum in preparation for our departure to the U.K..  A 20kg suitcase limit and a minute shipping budget means that lots of loved stuff will be looking for good homes – but I need to get at least one of these blankets over there with me.. I am toying with wrapping it around me and wearing it on the plane – what do you reckon?

Another bed related thing that won’t be making the trip back is the feather topper that fits over our mattress.  If ever there is one thing that can make you feel like you are living in luxury it is sinking into it’s softness of an evening..mmmm – I don’t spose I can wear that on the plane too?

This is the one I am thinking of wearing
The one being left behind

And in other news – here is a link to another of my favourite bloggers Mrs Jones, crafter and jewellery maker, she inspired me to learn how to crochet.