All Power To You All…

I am back and my front tooth has fallen out again. This is not good..

I do not have the cash to get a false one put in so if the dentist will not glue it back in again (for the third time in six weeks) I do not know what I will do.   Go to a new dentist I spose.  Appointment on Monday so will have to look like a Hillbilly until then.  The other problem is that now the tooth next to the offending one has gone all sensitive on me.  Every time I breath it hurts, it also doesn’t like hot or cold food/drinks.    OH WOE!! LOL!

As you can tell I am back from my Mums.  It’s good to be home, although the dog thinks I suck because I gave her a bath this morning.  In fact I have been very busy, cleaning up the house and getting the guest room ready because my ex husband Pat is visiting.  I was hoping that he would arrive in time to come out to dinner with us to celebrate his 50th birthday but have just worked out that if he is leaving his place when he finishes work, he will not be here till around 8pm or later.   Poor communication really – plus I keep forgetting that he lives a lot further away now and not just an hour away in Palmerston North.

I am beginning to pack my house up, would like to get an early start on it.  Mr T is getting really busy now work wise and will not be able to help much.


I have had a little to much wine with my good friend Julie who met me in the charity shop this arvo and then came around to my place to put the world to rights.   Have decided (among many other things) that a change of dentists, or at least a conflab with another couple of dentists may be a good thing…

Also –  Pat has rung and is coming tomorrow, so a bit more of a relaxed birthday celebration is in order.   We are going to my birth brother Clayton’s and his lovely partner Julie’s for a  bbq tomorrow night so Pat can come along and enhance the party.

All in all – another damn good day on this planet

All power to you all..