bad, bad blogger..

I cheerfully admit to being a crap blogger lately,  sometimes I am just not in the mood and so busy it just get missed out.  I am trying to write in the morning but that is not working out to well – will keep trying.

And then there is the other riveting news that my front tooth has fallen out again.  Bit into a kebab on Friday night and tooth just popped out.  I think that it wasn’t  stuck in properly and am hoping that nice Mr Wong the dentist will not charge me again.  So that is where I am off to this afternoon – that and dinner at Yvonne’s house, eggplant casserole, which will be good because pretty much everything I have eaten of hers is.  Must be the Italian in her coming out.

Yesterday was spent at Ocean Beach, a rough (unswimmable) beach about half an hour from Featherston.  Tons of driftwood to make a shade shelter and we spent the afternoon relaxing, reading books and admiring the lunatics floating off the edge of the small hill just up from us.

I am on to another lot of books now – A Spoonful of Jam by Michelle Magorian, one of my favourite authors.  I was late catching onto her, I found an copy of Goodnight Mister Tom in a book sale last year and after reading that I had to rush to the library to try to get hold of all the rest of hers, not terribly successfully.  Which is fortunate really because it stopped me reading them all at once.

The second book I am reading is called Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin.  The writing in this is a bit disappointing after my three previous reads but I am bearing with it, purely to see what happens in the end.  This novel is about a teenager who is killed while riding her push bike.  She wakes up on an ocean liner heading for Elsewhere – the place people go when they die, and the novel so far is the tale of how she deals with being dead.

My third book is The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman, this is a reread because I enjoyed it so much the first time.  This is the first scientific study into what luckiness is all about and Wiseman comes up with four principles that people use, without realising it, to create good fortune in their lives.

All good stuff and entertaining, makes me wonder what’s coming next.. So many good books, so little time 😉

Ocean Beach

Gratuitous shot of Poll
Sunset above our house