I am soooo lucky.  I have had a brilliant day, visiting the Martinborough Fair and then with visitors who arrived just after we got back and who we hadn’t seen for ages.

The fair has grown a bit since I last went and is truly monster.  The first fair was held in 1977 and had 35 stalls – this one had 450.  So big it is tiring to get around (we were there for three and a half hours), and of course crammed with people.  But we were lucky with the weather – not too hot, hurrah!  And gosh did we eat a wonderful curry – Marsala Dosa and Onion Bhajis, from the Hindu community food stall.   The queue for the locally run potato rossti stall was huuge and never decreased, so they would have made a good profit.

So here I am, parked on the sofa, a bit sunburnt and happy with the day.  I chose a necklace from the fair, and we bought some yummy artisan bread and cheese.  Then our visitors gave me a moonstone egg which they had got from the fair and which I had missed,  I would have bought one if I had seen it.

New necklace
Moonstone egg
Gratuitous photo of me and Poll