Fear, Peaches and Feeder Dogs…

Didn’t quite get done what I wanted today, but that’s o.k. I’m easy about it..

Ended up in Greytown just after lunch, buying a quilting foot for my sewing machine.  The countryside around is getting pretty crunchy brown looking as the dry weather continues, hot enough to boil a frog for sure.

Greytown fruit and veg stalls are loaded with summer fruit and I scored a 18 kg box of peaches for ten bucks.  Going to make some peach and rose petal jam tomorrow.  Caroline at Bambino Cafe gave me a taste of hers last week and I’m hooked.

The quilting foot didn’t work for what I wanted, I think it needs one of those kick ass, monster sewing machines, while I just have a light weight tiddler that can’t even retract its feeder dogs.   Still I will be able to use the quilt foot for some free style sewing and in the mean time I have just learned how to lift the straight stitch foot a tad to move around.

I have been feeling slightly nervous of late regarding our move to the U.K.  Partly I think because we do not have a house to sell this time so funds will be a lot less.  And partly because the last couple of attempt have ended with the old tail between the legs  scenario because of my illness.

I do know that worrying is not helpful and actually  a complete waste of time – but.. you know how it is.   Then I bumped into a friend in a charity shop yesterday.  She is a woman who I met through the Green Party and the Wellington Community Choir.  We don’t get to see each other that much but I love it when we do – she is from Germany and I love our differences and similarities.   She is a bit of a hero of mine – a designer, computer geek, major athlete in her youth and the only person I know who has fallen while climbing a V big mountain (her companion did not tie her on properly)  breaking every bone on one side of her body,  recovered after long convalescence and kept on climbing those mountains.

She enquired after my plans and I told her about our forthcoming trip and I  expressed some of my reservations.  She looked me in the eye and quoted one of those well used clichés – feel the fear and do it anyway.  If anyone else had said that I would have brushed it off – but she meant it and has had so much experience of doing it.  I thought, yes, sod it – she’s right..

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