and I am thankful for it..

Outstanding weekend, so outstanding it would have been impossible to write my blog yesterday even with the threat of a cattle prod.  I had been up late for two nights and something had to give..

I love going out to my friends place in the country but when a brace of her  siblings decide to descend, one of  whose birthdays it is, you know the celebration will go on for some time.  Next thing you know the sounds are up, you’re on your forth wee dram of some mighty fine scotch and getting a sudden urge to shake your booty with no embarrassment what so ever.

I did do something healthy on Saturday though – went for a icy cold river swim, just what was needed to clear the head in time for Saturday nights fun. We had beautiful weather throughout with temperatures around 28c both days, and cloudless night skies.

I am remarkably chipper today and have got a bit done in the studio so am feeling pleased with myself.  I am also happy because today I have heard really good news from two of my best buddies.  One has just purchased the most beautiful house, after losing out on a previous one that she really fancied.  The other has just found out that the hugely bad financial problem she has had hanging over her head for the last 18 months has resolved itself.  So – it’s all good..  and I am thankful for it..

Mangatarere Valley - the river I swum in, brrrr!

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