Fuzzy Slippers..

My first go at felting slippers was a bit nerve racking, but fun.  I did some research first, looking at many and varied websites and the odd book, but in the end I mostly followed the instructions on this blog –  For The Love Of Felt and it worked a treat.  Not perfect of course but the next pair will be better.

Felted a spectacle case today to house my much abused glasses.  I need two pairs now as I have become long sighted as well as short.   I was going to make another pair of slippers, trying out the boot style, but I already had a commission to make a curly heart brooch, my studio was in need of a purging and I had a friend calling for coffee so felted boots were not created.  Everything takes a lot longer when you are starting out to learn.

The studio purge has meant that I have FINALLY thrown out my uni essays and my teenage poetry.  I kept the essays because of all the work I put into them and some of them I was really proud of – but the poetry? I have no excuse for keeping them for so long.  Really I could have given the Vogons a run for their money.

We are heading out to the country to spend the weekend with our friends Julie and Blair tomorrow.  They live deep in the Mangatarere Valley and I love it there, I love the darkness and utter silence at night – except for the odd Morepork (owl) or two.

First slippers

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