I’ve had a lovely day.  It started off well when I  found that the healthy eating effort was paying off weight wise as well as helping me to feel better.  On top of that it was a true summers day, really warm and calm.

I am feeling a box of fluffys after the cold and even got some more gardening done.  I gave that up when the sun got too high and we set up a makeshift bower out of an old canvas sail and some sofa throws.  We dragged a old armchair in and while T disported himself on blanket and cushions I read him the first part of Terry Pratchett’s  The Truth.

And then my front tooth fell out…really..

I was biting into a nectarine and felt a little clink in my mouth and that was it.

And I just look so beautiful now – honestly!  I just needed that to happen to put the cherry on the top of my gorgeousness.   I have had my front tooth glued to the tooth next to it for nine years now so I can’t say I didn’t get my moneys worth.  But still… Dental visit now, wahoo. 😉