and what a process

This is the process that I have gone through today to write this post.

  • Go to study to write post.
  • Realise laptop is in lounge so fetch it.
  • Check email and read Katyboo1’s blog post describing her driving test, squawk with laughter.  Reflect on the grumpy,  silent test examiners that accompanied me on my four attempts.  Suppose everything must happen for a reason?
  • Have to make coffee before I start to write
  • Make coffee then decide to fetch mail on the off chance that someone wants to send me lots of money.  They don’t…
  • Notice lots of deadheads on geraniums in front garden. Start to pull them off.
  • Notice lots of long grass at edge of border of geraniums. Start to pull them out – gently now as I am still crippled from Thursdays gardening frenzy.
  • Stop both jobs at half way because I am meant to be writing blog post and coffee is getting cold.
  • Go inside.
  • Fetch coffee to study
  • Realise I need to take some photos for blog – go to fetch camera
  • Realise camera battery is flat, locate camera cord and battery charging thingummy. Set to charge.
  • Eat a nectarine.
  • Back in study, hit icon for new post.
  • Realise that there are to many flys in the room and that they will drive me crazy if I don’t murder them.
  • Fetch fly spray.  Cover coffee, spray air with poison and then sit amongst great clouds of it to write post.
  • Start post
  • Realise it’s crap and delete entirety.
  • Realise whatever I am going to write will be crap because my head is stuffed with cold virus and I feel like crap and it made me miss the Merry Wives of Windsor last night.
  • Start  post again.
  • Make about a million spelling/grammar mistakes as usual.
  • Wonder what it’s all about. The point of anything…then perk up because I notice it’s lunch time..