Congratulations Katy…

So, yesterday was gardening.   It needed it and I have put it off for far to long now, hoping it would go away, which it hasn’t, of course.  So nothing for it but to get stuck in – and I’m bloody glad I did cos it looks sooo good.  I am saying I, but really I had the help of the trusty Mr T, who normally runs a very long mile before volunteering to weed anything.  Consequently way more work got done than would normally have and quicker.  It was also very pleasant to have company.

The only down side is that I have woken today with just a tad of stiffness,  having over doing it of course.  And I am going to go out and do it again today, which probably won’t help.


I am celebrating today for my friend Katy over at Katyboo1’s Weblog.  She has finally passed her driving test.  She has been entertaining all of us faithful readers for some time now with tales of her attempts to learn to drive – just about all disastrous and ending in tears, so I was really pleased to read her blog this morning and find out she had passed – Yay!!

I have had flashbacks of the FOUR TIMES I sat my practical driving test in the UK and FAILED.  I was not used to failure and it seemed to me that after every test sitting I got worse.  I finally passed when I came back to NZ and sat the test in the good old Wairarapa – nice broad streets, very relaxed examiner, about a million less drivers on the Masterton streets which is a town small enough to have no traffic lights.  How could I not have passed, especially after driving in the madness of the UK roads?  And also having driven illegally without a single accident or incident for the preceding twenty years?