Wellington – The Cutest City…

I love Wellington city – it is only small but packs lots of punch.  It has to be coffee capital for a start, and that’s a good thing as far as T and I are concerned.  One of the reasons we go there is just to sit, watch the world go by and drink excellent coffee.  Our people watching fun was enhanced on our visit last Friday by the presence of what seemed like fifty million ACDC fans in town for the concerts and the passengers from two huge cruise ships parked at the docks.  You could certainly tell the difference between the two 😉

I, of course, also go for the shops – lots and lots of lovely shops, full of interesting and beautiful stuff that I covet.  On this visit I was determined to find a shop called Minerva that Lisa from my craft course had told me about.  Minerva, she said, was up the very top of Cuba St, opposite Fidel’s Cafe.  Now I have been up Cuba St many times but always on a limited time budget.  It’s filled with great shops and I because of this I have never managed to get to the top, so this was a bit of an adventure.

Well – Minerva was sooo worth going to see, its shelves filled with craft books, I was like a pig in muck.  Also it was torturous.  We have limited finances at the moment and with most books costing forty, fifty, sixty bucks each, buying one was not an option (roll on Amazon UK).  However I did splash out and buy a copy of my latest magazine fixation, the incredible Cloth, Paper, Scissors, subtitled Collage, Mixed Media, Artistic Discovery, it is filled with all sorts of ideas and how tos for making stuff.  Right up my alley.

The Christmas issue  of Cloth Paper Scissors that had been lent to me, introduced me to what could become another fixation – Zentangles .  Zentangle is the term invented to described the drawing of repetitive patterns as a form of meditation.  You do not have to buy the Zentangle kit from the website – all you have to do to create your own is the following.

  1. Make a pencil dot at each corner of your paper. Connect the dots.  Draw the “string”, a squiggle/swirl.
  2. Use a fine tip pen to fill in the sections with “tangles” – repetitive patterns.
  3. Use the pencil to add shading, and a paper stump for blending and smudging.
Tile by Nick from Zentangle Gallery
Tile by Nick from Zentangle Gallery